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Please do not use network solutions for searching for domain names. And I mean DO NOT with caps in bold …

This is what happened – and it is my worst nightmare come true!
I wanted to book this domain name today – saga2008.com and I went to search for it on network solutions which told me that it was available. (I always use network solutions to search for domains)

After seeing that it was available, I went to GoDaddy to book it – because GoDaddy sells domain names for 7 dollars (5 times cheaper than Nework Solutions which charge a whopping 36 dollars)

Believe my shock when I found that the domain name was booked.
I hurried back to network solutions which told me that the domain was still available.

Back to GoDaddy – booked!

So I go back to Network Solutions and do a who is lookup on the domain.
Imagine my shock when I see that Network Solutions booked the domain name under its own name and is holding me at ransom to pay 37 bucks for a .com domain which I can get for 2 bucks elsewhere …

This is utterly despicable behaviour and I am really hurt and angered by this all.
So much so that I need to get the word out and warn everybody about this tactic.

So, please please do not search for domains on Network Solutions unless you want to be held hostage.

It’s unbelievable!!!



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